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Since our practice motto is "treating the body, mind and spirit" it is only fitting that we encourage our patients to recognize May as National Mental Health Awareness Month.

We are constantly encouraging our patients (and staff!) to watch what we are putting into our bodies, making sure that we are getting ample exercise and and to be consistent with our health care. But sometimes we don't realize how much we allow daily frustrations and inconveniences to affect our mental and emotional well-being. It can manifest in many different ways including fatigue, increased anger, weight gain and difficulty sleeping. If you feel yourself slipping into a mental funk here are a few suggestions on how to help!

Or if you are into essential oils like I am, you could make yourself a calming anti-anxiety blend with just a few staple oils. Make sure that you are using a brand that is therapeutic grade to get the fullest potential! You can diffuse the blend or make a roller bottle to roll onto your skin. Or simply just inhale it from the bottle! I use essential oils daily and they help tremendously! This is a good one to try:

For more information on mental health visit

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