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We are honored you have chosen us to supervise your weight loss. Our staff is here to support you in your desire to lose weight and be healthier.

Dear Participant,
Welcome and congratulations for taking a step in the right direction to a better and healthier you! 
During your initial consultation we will measure your height and weight, take your blood pressure, and calculate your BMI. 
We will discuss your current state of health, your health history, family history, diet, lifestyle habits, etc. We will also draw labs and we will perform RMR TEST.
We will make some simple recommendations at this time, but your personalized weight loss plan will be deferred after RMR test and blood work results are received. 
Follow-up visits with a physician are generally scheduled every 4 weeks to evaluate your progress and make any adjustments in your program if needed.
Vita shots/weight-ins are scheduled weekly and/or bi-weekly frequency varies with each case. 

We look forward to working with you!

Labwork: The labs you will need: CBC, CMP, Vitamin B-12/Folic, TSH, Free T3, Free T4, TPO.  These are fasting labs (6 hours fasting). If you are fasting we will draw your blood on your initial visit. If you prefer to go to your lab facility we will provide you with a lab order on your initial visit.

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