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We are excited to introduce you to our new Coastal Direct Medical Pay Program  


Direct Pay Medicine is a revolutionary healthcare model that allows patients to pay physicians directly for their care. By doing so, insurance companies are taken completely out of the billing process and therefore cannot dictate the way in which you receive your care.



What is DMP?


Direct Medical Pay (DMP) is one option for covering the cost of medical care. It's an agreement you make directly with your provider. It doesn't use insurance claims. DPC Membership covers the cost of routine wellness visits, management of chronic conditions, 24/7 electronic access to your physician, phone call visits and acute-care visits.

The great news about DPCM is that many health costs that aren’t covered by your DMP fees are reimbursable through your insurance. (Labs, Tests, Specialist, etc...)

Unlike Concierge Medicine, DPC Practice, will not charge your insurance company for your visits in addition to charging you a DMP Program Fee. (NO Co-pays and Deductibles cost)


Coastal Direct Medical Pay Program Benefits include: 

Same day appointments during office hours (Mo – Th)

Unlimited visits with your physician in person or via televists or phone calls

More time with a physician

24/7 access to your physician via patient portal and email

Proactive & preventative health care

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